Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Spring 2013

Last year, we had been very often on the road in February but this year unfortunatly there was no thinking about it. There was still winter at home in austria and the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup was in full swing.
Finally in early March it has been getting warmer in Central Europe too. But then there was to much water on the rivers so we had to go to secondary streams. So we drove the known  Roman case , this river normaly has just enough water that frogs can live there.

Photograph: Robert Machacek
River: Taugl/ Austria

A week later we wanted to make altitude, since all standard runs had too much water anyway, so we went to Upper Austria to improve our Boof technology.
Photograph: Gregor Unterdechler 
River: Weissbach/ Austria

For some time a good friend, Lukas Strobl, and I are seeking for another project, we want to drive together with the Dynamic Duo my home run the Untertalbach. For this project we had to learn to deal better with our boats. So we drove on a standard waterfall to see how we manage it.  

It went very well and so there is nothing in the way for a soon run on the Untertalbach.

Photograph: Christoph Strobl 
River: Laussafall/ Austria

Photograph: Christoph Strobl 
River: Laussafall/ Austria

We had a great photo shoot with the photographer mirja geh. I had already two photoshoots with her last year and it's always nice when you see the pictures and think WOW thats me.
Unfortunately we were unlucky with the water level this time and we had to avoid to old Classics. But Mirja can get great pictures from any spot.

After this super photo shoot spring has finally started and the streams were becoming fuller and fuller. During the week I tried as often as possible to paddle, cause I live in the midst of very great rivers and on weekends I drive through Central Europe to enjoy the nature and the streams.
Photograph: GoPro HD 3 Black
River: Untertalbach/ Austria

So the saison can start now and photos and videos will follow. At the end of May I'm driving to the U.S. and wanna to run as many streams as possible.

Thanks to all my sponsors without them all that wouldn`t be possible.

greetings Daniel Egger

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