Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013


We have started very early this year with the first descents in austria this winter. The snow melted early so we had great water levels in mid-February.
At the end of march we had been through all of the classics , so we could concentrate on the descents.
Then it was time for me and my friends to go to Norway for a few weeks, to the Stürzer paradise , it was awesome, what else could we want more?
We worked our way from the south to the north and tried to skip no creek.
After this unforgettable journey I started with the preparations for Russia, 13 days Multi Day in the middle of Siberia.
It was one of the coolest and most beautiful rivers I've ever driven, I have also managed to be the first non-Asian who has rode the whole river, till then it always failed at the big canyon. This year we were able to ride it in a threesome so it was a big success.
Back at home from Russia , I started with the preparations for the dolomitenman, it's a team competition in the south of austria, with 500 starters and 40.000 spectators. My whole team started there for the first time, but we had a great result. We were seventh of 125 teams in the amateur assessment.
Then I went to sickline in Ötztal where I started also for the first time this year. I just don't thought that I would come through the qualifiying because there where too much great slalom driver in the competition. I was 77 of 155 which was quite OK for the first time but I will try to be better the next time.
Of course we drove several creeks in europe in the meantime like you see on the pictures.

For the next year we are planning large projects again. I still can't tell you more at the moment but you will be able to read it here.

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